What Have We Known about Number Six


Contemporary Physics

There are

6 Quarks
(12 Quarks and Antiquarks)
Quarks are fundamental matter particles that are constituents
of neutrons and protons and other hadrons.

Flavor Mass
Electric Charge
u upGlossary Term 0.004 +2/3
d downGlossary Term 0.008 -1/3
c charmGlossary Term 1.5 +2/3
s strangeGlossary Term 0.15 -1/3
t topGlossary Term 176 +2/3
b bottomGlossary Term 4.7 -1/3

It is apparent, too, the importance of the basic prime numbers 
and 3
in electric charge values.
Actually, in the system of numbers on the base of 3,
both +2 and -1 for quarks are n
and -2 and +1 for antiquarks are n

6 Leptons
(12 Leptons and Antileptons)
LeptonsGlossary Term are fundamental particles that have 
no strong interactions.

Flavor Mass
Electric Charge
electron neutrino electron neutrino <7 x 10-9 0
e- electron 0.000511 -1
muon neutrino muon neutrino <0.0003 0
m muon
0.106 -1
tau neutrino tau neutrino <0.03 0
t tau
1.7771 -1

3 neutrinos and 3 negative leptons
3 antineutrinos and 3 positive lepton
In the system of numbers on the base of 3,
the electric charge values of leptons are n
and ones of antileptons are n


Insects have 3 pairs of legs

In contemporary mathematics,
a perfect number is a positive integer
such that it is equal to the sum of its proper divisors

6 = 123 = 1+2+3
, 6 is a perfect number

The Pythagoreans assigned to 6
the perfections of all parts
because it is formed by the multiplication
3, the first odd number beyond 1,
2, the first even number. 


This figure medieval scholars considered a macrocosm symbol .

Goethe's Faust was gazing at it 
in a book by Nostradamus

" In these pure lineaments I see
Creative Nature's self before my soul appear." 

                                                   Translation by G.M. Priest (lines 440 - 441)

Legend has it that the emblem was used by the Biblical King David
(hence the name 'Magen David,' or shield of David).
the hexagram symbolizes the six directions of space,
                        the divine union of male and female energy.
the name 'Magen
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